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This study makes the case that more investment in community organizing can pay impressive dividends in community stabilization and other economic benefits. It offers models for collaboration, a framework for translating ideals into concrete results, best practices for targeting precious resources where they will do the most good, as well as methodology for projecting and measuring effectiveness.


With voices on all sides calling for job creation through infrastructure spending, how do we ensure job access for those hit hardest by the recession? That's the focus of TEN's latest study, The Road to Good Jobs: Making Training Work.

Upstream Public Health (a TEN affiliate) and its grassroots partners have released a new document outlining six basic principles of transportation health equity. The six principles lay out a set of priorities for advocates of improved public health and equitable transit.

What would happen if 20 metropolitan areas shifted 50% of their highway funds to transit? They would generate 1,123,674 new transit jobs over a five-year period — for a net gain of 180,150 jobs over five years — without a single dollar of new spending.

That's the finding of TEN's new study, More Transit = More Jobs.


In April 2009 the Aspen Institute's Workforce Strategies Initiative (AspenWSI) surveyed workforce development programs that connect individuals to jobs and apprenticeship opportunities in the construction sector. The survey was prompted by growing interest in work opportunities within the construction sector. The Obama administration was then preparing to invest large scale in the nation's infrastructure, promote opportunities to retrofit, weatherize, and otherwise reduce energy consumption, and create "green jobs." In thinking about the jobs these types of investments could create, one of the core questions that arose was how do we, as a nation, prepare people for and connect them to new opportunities that emerge in the construction industry?

The Kirwan Institute has released a powerful new report: ARRA & the Economic Crisis – One Year Later: Has Stimulus Helped Communities in Crisis? (Download PDF.) The report features Reflections from the Field from organizers including TEN Executive Director Laura Barrett on what ARRA has and hasn't done to lift up those hit hardest by the economic crisis.