Three Ways to Stand Up for Transit

As the March 31 deadline for the Transportation bill approaches and the 2013 Federal Budget debate begins to heat up, it's more important than ever that our voices are heard regularly and loudly.

We have 3 simple but crucially important actions you can take in the coming days to ensure that your values are reflected in our nation's transportation policy.

Action 1: FTA Rule Changes

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has proposed changes to the criteria used to select New Starts and Small Starts transit projects in our communities. Two significant changes emphasize the importance of social equity in the selection process. FTA proposes that:

  • Extra weight be given to transit dependent riders when determining the cost effectiveness of the transit project; and

  • Policies which maintain or increase affordable housing around the transit project are included as a measure of the economic development impact of the project.

In order to ensure that these proposed changes become permanent, FTA needs to hear from you.

Cast your vote in favor of social equity, and contact the FTA by March 26, 2012.

Action 2: Keeping the Drumbeat Going

Yesterday Congressman Timothy Bishop (D-NY) introduced the Senate version of the surface transportation bill into the House with nearly 100 co-sponsors. Members of Congress need to hear that we support the passage of this bill—HR 14—now. A ninth extension of the previous surface transportation bill is unacceptable.

TEN is sponsoring a House call-in day on Tuesday, March 27. A suggested script for the phone call, with up-to-date information, will be available on the TEN website on Monday, March 26. Mark your calendar now to keep the drumbeat going!

Check the TEN website on Monday for more information and suggested scripts.

Action 3: Fire of Faith Prayer Vigils

This April 29 through May 6, Interfaith Prayer Vigils will sweep America as we take our faith into action around values of Love Thy Neighbor and Common Good.

During this crucial time, Congress will be home to hear from constituents before making decisions about the 2013 Federal Budget. The budget is a moral document laying out the direction of our nation which is why we will remind Congress that our faith instructs us to take action in the name of Love Thy Neighbor and Common Good.

In 1954, Congress declared this time an interfaith day of prayer for the future of the nation. Let’s take our faith into action as we pray for an equitable future.

Visit the TEN website to find a prayer vigil in your community or for support in organizing one.